Who is JJ?

Who is JJ?
 Hey there! I am Jagir Jhaveri or JJ and I am a serial helper. This means I am zealously driven by compassion and wired to contribute in any way possible without expecting anything in return. Although I would really appreciate a smile and a head nod, but that's about it. I can shape shift into being your counselor, mentor, guide, confidante, coach or just a plain 'ol pal as long as I am helping with your concern or complaint. Your evolution as a human is my pleasure, a cause to which I have dedicated my life to. I am personally invested in your holistic growth as a human being, which means I will be giving you my unadulterated, straight-up, no sugarcoated advice pulled from my rich and interesting past which includes impressive achievements and humbling lessons alike. Keep reading to know why I am best suited for your needs...

But Why Me ?

 I can brag about my academic credentials of being a NYU Finance Grad or my job title of a CFO and Partner of Absolute Nutrition. I went from trading stocks   near Wall Street to running and operating a flourishing shop chain at BP stations in the American South. These rich and sometimes humbling experiences have taught me the indispensable values of hard work, humility and most of all empathy with my fellow human. But I discriminate! Not amongst races, genders or nationality. I only help those who allow me to help and be their companion on their journey to growth.


So Like Tom Cruise in his Oscar winning performance as  Jerry Maguire said: Help me, Help you!  Our relation won't be a company-client one but human to human one.  You can ask me about anything under the sun , be it business assistance, networking requirements, feedback and assessments, relationship, professional or about just life in general. I am here to hear you out and help you. All for the satisfaction of having done so and nothing more.

And if my word does not convince you here are some real flesh-and-blood people on Quora giving their honest opinion on myself and my knack for helping:

  • “He's an encourager and a motivator. He’s a nice guy and you can expect him to upvote your answers.”
  • “A very observant young(?) man, he will point out your absurdities yet give you the straight talk every time. You should listen to what he says.”
  • “He is a great guy! He is very supportive, likes to think, and a great all-around Quoran. Jagir is a model Quoran and person.”
  • “I am amazed at the richness of his experiences that have only made him stronger from one phase of life to another -- rich experiences that he uses for the betterment of society as a whole. He has motivated me many times. He had advised me many times on topics ranging from personal affairs to career and family decisions -- the spectrum is broad, far and wise and he's hit all the sweet and not-so-sweet spots.”
  • “He is a really nice person, always ready to help people, ready to learn more, open to feedback, enthusiastic, and someone you can count on.”

Since I am a believer that experiences mould a person, I believe in having the best of them and all over the globe too! I have a mild case of wanderlust, you might say. I have seen many corners of the world and have had the most amazing and transformative experiences and I always dream that everyone should be able to roam freely and see our amazing planet. After a lot of personal trial and errors, I have finally figured out a way to travel without a lot of fuss, fees or fares, thanks to the gift of Travel Hacking. It is a gift  I wish to pay forward .

After a couple of years in the TH industry, having devoured most of the literature on the subject and meeting leading professionals in the field ,I will not only guide you with the process but also help you kick start your own Travel Hacking journey so everyone can live a better life.  My dream is to enable everyone to become a travel hacker and am working on an app called "Cardible".


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 I am a human by birth but a Quoran by heart, apart from my contributions being viewed more than a couple of million times over by almost a 100 million people (humble-bragging, I know right ;) I have been officially ranked amongst the most prominent Quorans.  

But these are just good-to-haves and not at all must-have. What I must-have is the satisfaction of having helped real people with real problems and seeing real progress and growth being made. That is what ticks me. It is my religion, and I believe that written word is one of the best ways to really diagnose the problems and prescribe possible methods which may help your concern. However, I am also occasionally available for consultation through Video/Audio Calls or in person.

So when I say that I can help you for free, what is it exactly that I claim to offer.
In the most dry, boring and technical terms, I offer you free consulting services. I cannot stress on the word ‘free’ enough because I know when one says ‘consulting’ one just expects the next sentence to be ‘billing per hour’. Not here! Not with Jagir Jhaveri.
You see, I’d really just like to help you, in whatever it is you wish to do. I just want to assist you in any way and just in general be a part of whatever success story you are in-the-making of. Seeing you grow, learn, reach great heights and succeed will give me great joy and that alone is my real fee.
So what can I help you with? Anything and everything really.
If it is advice you want, I can give it and not just frivolous advice either. Advice that will be balanced, that will equally highlight the pros and the cons and that will definitely be useful for you in reaching the conclusive answers that you are looking for. I am no wishy-washy, yes-person so you’ll definitely get it from me and that too hard and right in the face. I am sure I can help.
If you own a business, I can give you business tips and tricks, not just from my own experience, but from a whole repertoire of business gurus, both online and offline. Tried and tested things that have worked for great men are sure to work for you too. 
Why just business consulting, you can even give me a shout-out if you have relationship troubles and need some counseling or advice. I am not exactly an agonizing aunt but I have a good ear. I can certainly help you out from some of those tricky, difficult situations one faces in life. All you need to do is give me a shout and I’ll be the sympathetic ear and comforting shoulder for you.
If you are young and are looking at career avenues, I can help too. Think of me as a career counselor, only a free one at that. 
I can even help you learn the nitty-gritties of travel hacking, the latest rage in the United States. I am heart and soul hooked onto it myself.
When I say I can help you with all that, how exactly am I qualified to do it? If it were just me, I confess it would be impossible to help you in so many different avenues. But it is not just me, is it? I am well-networked around the globe. And should there be something outside of the scope of my own experience, learning or knowledge, I’ll get someone who can to help you out to do so for me. Trust me, I just like to help people; so I definitely will, one way or another.
Once again, I consult for free. Just pay me with a smile, or a plain and simple ‘thank you’ even.
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If you haven't figured what I'm about already, it can be summed up in a word: Contribution. I have been fortunate to live such a challenging and rewarding life, which has taught me the importance of helping  those who have lesser than the rest. It is not only our solemn duty to play a part in their upliftment but also enable and empower them with knowledge, resources and opportunities.

I have had the privilege of helping  Ambawadi Municipal Corporation School, not only with funds but also my time. And believe me when I say that the smile and joy they experience when I organize a field trip to a city based monument, makes it all more than worth it.  I still frequent the school to volunteer and look forward to our excursions, which is a gift that keeps on giving.  

If you want a piece of heaven after having helped these kids, please feel free to assist my philanthropic mission with your funds, resources or better yet your presence! But the fact that you have the honor of doing good in any small way goes a long way. I always make sure that every penny from the donation reaches the intended school kids along with your noble intentions.