Oh hello, I am so glad to see you here.
I am Jagir Jhaveri. If you were here by design, I am here to help you in every possible way; and if you are here by accident, luck sure is on your side!
Because I am a serial helper, and as you will soon find out, I am just tailor-made to be your aide, your champion, you resource in times of need, your SOS in times of distress and your encouragement and morale booster when you are down but not out.
Tall words indeed!
But there is truth in them.
Let me explain myself with an introduction then.
I can go on an on about my education from Mayo college or St. Xaviers Loyola, or my graduate degree in Finance from NYC but I know you are not really interested in that. Nor are you really interested in what I have been doing so far like my employment history as an equity trader in NYC with Dimensions Trading or my entrepreneurial foray into quick shops at BP petro-stations in Alabama. What you really, really want to know, is who am I really and what can I offer, right?
Who then is Jagir Jhaveri? Definitely not just the the CFO and partner of Absolute Nutrition and absolutely not a juggler who takes care of multiple projects in professional as well as social front. To give you a real life snap shot of who I really am, here’s what some real, live flesh and blood people on Quora are saying about me.
“He's an encourager and a motivator. He’s a nice guy and you can expect him to upvote your answers.”
“A very observant young(?) man, he will point out your absurdities yet give you the straight talk every time. You should listen to what he says.”
“He is a great guy! He is very supportive, likes to think, and a great all-around Quoran. Jagir is a model Quoran and person.”
“I am amazed at the richness of his experiences that have only made him stronger from one phase of life to another -- rich experiences that he uses for the betterment of society as a whole. He has motivated me many times. He had advised me many times on topics ranging from personal affairs to career and family decisions -- the spectrum is broad, far and wise and he's hit all the sweet and not-so-sweet spots.”
“He is a really nice person, always ready to help people, ready to learn more, open to feedback, enthusiastic, and someone you can count on.”
So there, as I said, what I really am, is a serial helper. And I can help you with any thing; whether it is advice, business assistance, networking requirements, feedback and assessments, and just about anything else that you might need. In the rare case that I cannot help you personally, rest assured that I will put you in touch with someone who can. Networking, didn’t I list that as well!
And just in case you’re wondering, I do all this for free. And yes, I am for real! Get in touch and you’ll find that out for sure.
Oh and did I forget to mention, travel hacking is my current passion. 
Come talk to me, and I’ll tell you all about it. After all, who doesn’t want to travel the world without shelling out a fortune, eh?

Travel hacking, the only way to travel the world for free, well, not exactly free, but almost for free when you consider the actual full-fledged expenses involved!

I confess, when I first heard of it, I too thought of it as one of those ‘a Nigerian king wants to transfer millions of dollars into your account’ kind of scams. But having learnt of it, used it, and experienced it’s benefits, I am now a hardcore travel hacker myself.

Not just that, having actually traveled for literally paltry sums using it’s techniques myself, I’d now like to help more real people (I mean, let’s face it, real people ARE penny conscious) to become the globe-trotters they always dreamed of becoming someday…


Yes, if you are willing to invest the time, your dream of traveling the globe, could indeed be your true reality. Thanks to travel hacking!

For those who are new to this concept, travel hacking is the art of collecting miles on credit cards and using them to book travel flights and hotels without really spending money on the actual ticket purchases. Well, of course you invest a lot of time and indeed you need to pay up the on the taxes, but its worth it when you compare it to the amount you would have actually ended up paying. You see, it uses loopholes in the ‘miles’ system, found by shifting the terms and conditions and hence the term ‘hacking’. It is not illegal, as web hacking is though.

I have been a part of the travel hacking industry for over 2 years now. I have read numerous books and learnt from several influential people about this industry and am currently active in the game. Should you want to join in and learn the tricks of the trade, I’d be happy to help you, not just with ‘how it works’ but also with ‘let’s get you started’. I am even building a travel hacking app named ‘Cardible’ and will share more details about it as soon as it’s launched.


My history as showcased above; it, of course, speaks volumes about my credentials. So trust me, this is something you’d want me to help you with. After all, there is really no other joy that can compare to getting air tickets to your dream travel destination without having to spend a fortune, or having to save up for a lifetime so you can splurge on it!


You can reach out to me and I’ll give you an in into one of the most happening industries to have taken over the United States. Get in touch and who knows you might never have to save for years to travel again.


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You may be wondering why I have a full-fledged tab named ‘Quora’ on my site. You see, it is an integral part of my lifestyle for I am an avid Quoran!
Not to beat my own drums here, but I just cannot keep the facts that I have over 2 millions Quora views from over a 100 million users, 8000 followers and that I am ranked as one of the writers with most viewed content, as undisclosed just to prove my humility.
On my Quora profile, you will find a whole range of topics, and the range is so diverse that at least a few are bound to interest you. There are interesting quotes that I live my life by, talk about some inspirational books that can change your lives for the better and even some anecdotes to get you through the day. It is all interesting, I swear. Boring is the last thing you’ll ever get from me!
But keeping aside all the fun interactions I have with all my fellow Qurons, the people that I have interacted with there as well as the one’s who follow me there, all are unified in their one opinion of me.
That I am sweet, approachable and helpful!
So if there is anything you need, from advice to assistance; from a fact check to even getting connected to the right people, my Quora following will vouch for the fact that I can do it; in fact, I HAVE done it on a number of occasions.
I have proven to be a great mentor online to many, many of my online friends. Should you need one, you know where to find me as well. You know, a good mentor can change your life!
So when I say that I can help you for free, what is it exactly that I claim to offer.

In the most dry, boring and technical terms, I offer you free consulting services. I cannot stress on the word ‘free’ enough because I know when one says ‘consulting’ one just expects the next sentence to be ‘billing per hour’. Not here! Not with Jagir Jhaveri.

You see, I’d really just like to help you, in whatever it is you wish to do. I just want to partner you, assist you in any way and just in general be a part of whatever success story you are in-the-making of. Seeing you grow, learn, reach great heights and succeed will give me great joy and that alone is my real fee.

So what can I help you with? Anything and everything really.
If it is advice you want, I can give it and not just frivolous advice either. Advice that will be balanced, advice that will equally highlight the pros and the cons, and advice that will definitely be useful for you in reaching the conclusive answers that you are looking for. I am no wishy-washy, yes-person so you’ll definitely get it from me, hard and right in the face. I am sure I can help.

If you own a business, I can give you business tips and tricks, not just from my own experience, but from a whole repertoire of business gurus, both online and offline. Tried and tested things that have worked for great men are sure to work for you too. 
Why just business consulting, you can even give me a shout out if you have relationship troubles and need some counseling or advice. I am not exactly an agony aunt but I have a good ear. I can certainly help you out from some of those tricky, difficult situations one faces in life. All you need to do is give me a shout and I’ll be the sympathetic ear and soothing shoulder for you.

If you are young and are looking at career avenues, I can help too. Think of me as a career counselor, only a free one at that. 
I can even help you learn the nitty-gritties of travel hacking, the latest rage in the United States. I am heart and soul hooked onto it myself.

When I say I can help you with all that, how exactly am I qualified to do it? If it were just me, I confess it would be impossible to help you in so many different avenues. But it is not just me, is it? I am well networked around the globe. And should there be something outside of the scope of my own experience, learning or knowledge, I’ll get someone who can to help you out to do so for me. Trust me, I just like to help people; so I definitely will, one way or another.

Once again, I consult for free. Just pay me with a smile, or a plain and simple ‘thank you’ even.
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Term & Privacy for this site
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Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you that want, if you just give enough other people to get what they want”. I believe this solemnly and have made it my life’s motto.

Philanthropy is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and it is the life joy I get from my goodwill work that pretty much contributes towards my other successes. I see it as a calming process to help the less fortunate, simply because I am grateful to have so much. It really grounds you, roots you somehow.

I have always been involved in philanthropy, even if it is of a slightly different kind than the services I purport to give here.

For years now, I have been associated with the Ambawadi Municipal Corporation School in Ahmedabad. When i involve myself into such activities, I, not only, donate money, but also time. It is not about monetary donations as such, but what i usually give is much more valuable, my time!

For those who are not familiar with this particular municipal school, it is a Government school for the underprivileged. The school, hence, makes do with meager resources, and the students here come from very humble backgrounds. For most of the students here, things are so bad, that it is usually the temptation of food and time spent away from the parents (who are busy with their own modes of livelihood) that lures the parents to send their kids to school. It is then obvious that these kids hardly get to enjoy outings and picnics. 

This hard fact touched me so deeply, that for years now, I have been organizing a yearly trip for these underprivileged kids, usually somewhere close by. The excitement and smiles that this seemingly small gesture brings to these kids is just so fulfilling. The kids here have been looking forward to their annual picnics ever since I have been associated with them and that itself is the most rewarding of all returns, tangible or otherwise.

Additionally, I also associate with this school when it comes to the sundry running of its daily activities. Though my charity does not involve much money changing hands, I provide the valuable time and resources needed for anything ranging from fixing any electrical issues or resolving plumbing problems. Whether it is water coolers that need repair or computers that are not functioning optimally, I involve myself personally to get these things sorted out.

I can indeed vouch for the fact that this work is food for the soul. Should you wish to be involved in such charity work, whether monetarily or otherwise, please feel free to drop me an email. I would love to discuss the issues that still need addressing so you can pick a cause closest to your hearts. 

For now, I would welcome any assistance for this charitable venture. You can help by donating goods, money or even just your time. It isn’t much about what you do, but the fact that you are involved in your own small way that will go a long way towards uplifting the lives of many.

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Here is the accountability for every cent.

Please visit www.losvoluntarios.org to stay in the know.

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